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Talk America Radio “A Touch of Grey” Radio Show (Taped)

Friday, April 30th, 2010

Host Steve Weisman and I reviewed the highlights of “The Best of Everything After 50.” >> Listen


Sunday, April 25th, 2010

So, I’m just sitting around this morning (a rainy Sunday) reading the New York Times and sipping my second Nespresso (with just a tiny drop of cream), and I came upon two separate articles, which made me feel . . . justified.

I love feeling justified.  It’s kind of like feeling legitimate. 

I love feeling legitimate.  It’s kind of like feeling right.

I love feeling right. 

One of them — Disorderly Conduct — went into some detail about “modern beauties who believe messy is more” or better stated, they all believe that “less is more.”

Less fussing with the hair.

Less makeup on the face.

Less bling and do-dads on the clothes.

More natural.  More truth. 

The other article talked about  how Hollywood producers are looking for women who “haven’t had surgery” and for those “who can actually move their faces to show real emtions.” 

Like I was saying . . . stop fussing, start living.  We’re over 50 now.  Isn’t it time to finally claim . . . and show off to the world . . . who we truly are?

Best of Everything,



Monday, April 19th, 2010

I love good style.  But, I hate to spend alot of money . . . especially in this economy.  The good news is that we don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to look great.  In fact, we can spend far less than that.

While researching my book, I decided to hop over to the nearest Target (which happens to be in New Jersey), to see what I could find.  I dragged Ginny Hilfiger along with me. 

 Ginny is an incredible designer (she was chief designer of brother Tommy’s clothing line for over 15 years before branching out on her own), with a fine eye for quality and detail.  There was no way, I thought, that Ginny and I would find anything worth buying at Target.

The budget was set at $300

Not only did I buy 20 fabulous items, but they are all classic, timeless pieces that can be worn over several seasons, and with each other. 

My favorite piece?  A simple, black dress from Merona.  It is lined, with a slight flair of the skirt, which falls to the best and most flattering point on the knee.  It can be dressed down (with a pair of wedged espadrilles) or up (with black pumps and pearls).  It flatters every body type, and a little cardigan can be thrown on for a whole different look. 

Cost?  $39.00.

I often wear the dress with different belts, shoes, and jewelry . . . for many different looks. My favorite cardigans?  All from Target. Price?  Less than $15. The belts? One is a Diane von Furstenberg belt, and another (my favorite) is a gold link belt designed by Elsa Peretti that I’ve had since the 80s.   

One simple black dress can take you just about anywhere.

So tell me again . . . who said good style has to be expensive?

Best of Everything,



Friday, April 16th, 2010

It’s spring.  This is the time of year we often start thinking about bringing out our old running shoes from the closet, where they’ve been hibernating for a few months . . or maybe even a few years.

Before you tie up those laces, do these things first, all of which are recommended by Jeff Galloway, Olympian, running guru, and fitness expert:

  1. Get the green light from your doctor . . . just to be sure.
  2. See a podiatrist.  We’ve been stomping around on our poor feet in too tight and too high shoes for decades.  Maybe they need some extra TLC before you get started. 
  3. Get a new pair of running shoes, and break them in.
  4. Walk before you run.

If you have never run before, this is especially true of you.  Get a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps every day. 

When you’ve got that down pat, add some running into the mix. 

Eventually, you’ll be running (gently, no pounding and no huffing and puffing), with walk breaks

You will lose weight and feel great.   It works.

The program is outlined in The Best of Everything After 50.

See you in Central Park!

Best of Everything,


WHUD-FM “Kacey on the Radio” Radio Show (Live)

Monday, April 12th, 2010

Host Kacey Morabito wanted to find out how to keep your sex life going strong after 50.


Saturday, April 10th, 2010

Got mess?

It’s Spring . . . time to think about moving ahead . . . unencumbered by clutter, stuff that can hold you back, drag you down, and stop you from forging ahead.

But, how do you define clutter?

According to Julie Morgenstern, a key expert in The Best of Everything After 50 and the #1 organization expert in the country, clutter can be objects (objects you’ve accumulated over the years), obligations (being on the board of your coop, for example), and even people. 

When I interviewed Julie for my book, I thought I was going to get some good, solid advice on clearing out my closets, but I came away with an entire new framwork for dealing with my life.  Julie started the conversation by asking me to–in one sentence–define my vision for my future (what she also calls a “theme”).  It was so clear to me:  I wanted to simplify my life–my hair, makeup, clothes, environment, fitness routine, everything.  That, she said, is my starting point.  Everything that holds me back from going toward this vision, should be shed from my life

This was my own personal AHA! moment.  Since that meeting over a year ago, I have defined my clutter, and have worked very hard–little by little– to remove most of it from my life. 

The result? My life is less complicated, simpler, and my routines (hair, makeup, health, fitness, and so on) are streamlined and distilled.  Julie’s framework helped me curate the best of the best information, and bring it all down to the most essential points.

What is your vision?

Best of everything,